26 marca 1980

Urodziła się Pati Yang (wł. Patrycja Hilton, z d. Grzymałkiewicz); piosenkarka.
[40. rocznica]

Z albumu Silent Treatment wydanego 1 października 2005 roku pochodzi utwór „1986”.

Pati Yang – 1986

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język tekstu: angielski
There was something in the sky that day. I remember. Prisoners around got scared at once Collisions of hunger spread in cause of rain For once empty shops filled with Feared human beings And someone said: Holly mother lost her pearl necklace one little drop dropped on my face and the second one dropped on my six year old friend's all of a sudden some huge hand grabbed us i slipped but my friend stayed and was taken with the crowd and was taken with the crowd voices of panic were heard everywhere around and one of them came from my mother's mouth as she saw me: Dancing in the rain with my hands up couldn't just figure out it's funny acid taste

Autorzy piosenki: Stephen Hilton, Pati Yang